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6 activities your kids will love...and so will you!

Our must-do family adventure activities for your holiday in the Lake District

If you'd like to add some adventure to your family holiday this year, here are some tips for family friendly adventure activities in the Windermere area.

1. Hire tandem kayaks

We recommend our tandem sit-on-top kayaks for an adult and child.  They are very stable and easy to paddle, so even if your little one is fidgeting around and not actually doing much of the work you’ll manage fine!  

Our Bowness location is ideal for kids as you can stop for a rest pretty much anywhere along the western shoreline and some of the islands have great beaches to pull out on allowing kids time to run around on their very own Treasure Island!

2. Hire single kayaks for older children

Older children (12 yrs plus) who have some previous experience may prefer to take their own boat while you are on the water with them.  In this case our single sit-on-top kayaks are perfect - although we would only reccomend this in calmer winds as they may struggle in a strong headwind.

3. Try stand-up paddleboarding (SUP)

Stand up paddleboards are great for older (taller) children (approx age 12+) but not really recommended for children younger than this.  If your child does not manage to stand up straight away it is perfectly OK to kneel on a board to start with.  All children must be accompanied by an adult while on the water (unless you book an instructed session).

4. Join a guided kayak or SUP tour

Our guided tours are great for family groups.  You will join other like minded people and be accompanied by one of our specially trained guides who can give you tips on technique as well as take you to the best places.  Booking is essential.

5. Explore the lakeshore trails of Windermere by bike

We have kids bikes, a tag along and a trailer so we can accommodate most ages.  Our staff will let you know the best route to take for easy terrain with lots of great places for stopping for a rest or run-about.  There are also plenty of cafe options en route!

6. Join a Gorge Scrambling trip (minimum age 10yrs)

Gorge Scrambling is one of those activities that is hard to describe.  Until you have been it is difficult to understand just how much fin the activity is!  In simple terms, you make your way up the mountainside with your group in a hidden gorge.  The atmosphere and sounds in the gorge are quite different from anywhere else.  you'll scramble up rocks, using your hands and feet, pause to catch your breath and look back to where you have come from - WOW!  You may climb a waterfall (or hide behind one) step into a crystal clear pool, slide down a rock.  Basically you make the activity up as you go along - with the help of an expert guide. Eventually, you'll emerge to some of the most stunning views in England!

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