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Never use the "W" word!

5 Top Tips for happy kids outdoors this summer

Living in the Lake District area and bringing up kids has been a really positive experience for me but I have also learnt how to make it a positive experience for our kids too.

Here are my top tips for making sure your kids enjoy outdoor activities as much as you do!

Little and often

Plan some activities you can do often but never for too long.  Even if you come to the end of the day and feel like they were capable of doing more, its better in the long run to leave on a positive note and return for more another day.

Never use the "W" word

We learnt to pretty quickly never to use the phrase "Lets go for a walk" as it was always met with groans.  So instead of using the "W" word, try using these words instead...

Take plenty of snacks

This is fairly obvious but sometimes we forgot and it ruined the experience!  Hot cross buns and fig rolls are good.

Carry a shelter

Take a Group Shelter for eating your lunch, they are warmer and your kids will enjoy using them.  They are not heavy and you will have it in case you need it in earnest too!

Go Slow

Going at their pace is the only way, so don't plan to go too far or too fast.  But remember if you are going slower you'll need more layers of clothing than you normally do to keep warm.

Our kids have grown to love being outdoors as much as we do but some of our friends have not had such a positive experience.  I hope these tips will help you introduce the outdoor life to your kids in a positive way too.

Paula Davies

Image: Sam and Paul Noble with Calum on Windermere