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What to look out for on Windermere

Whilst you are on the water you may be rewarded with some great interactions with the local and visiting wildlife. Remember, genuine encounters are those where the animals are behaving naturally, so its best to keep quiet and watch your distance.

Download the above PDF Guide To Wildlife on Windermere

These are the birds you are most likely to see

  1. Canada Goose 
  2. Cormorant  (on water / on land, in trees)
  3. Mute Swan 
  4. Grey Heron
  5. Black Headed Gull 
  6. Tufted Duck
  7. Lesser Black Backed Gull
  8. Mllard (male & female)
  9. Moorhen 
  10. Coot

If you are really lucky you might see…

  1. Great Crested Grebe 
  2. Little Grebe
  3. Gadwall
  4. Goldeneye
  5. Goosander
  6. Otter
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